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Transylvania, by bike!

Discover Transylvania, by bike! It’s a special occasion to explore the Saxon and Romanian villages, discover fascinating places and special people, taste local dishes and enjoy an amazing landscape,. We suggest you our cultural trails (they combine bike tours with guided visits) and our mountain trails in the area of the Cindrel and Lotru mounains.

The famous travel guide Lonely Planet named Transylvania – Region #1 to visit in 2016. Famous other travel books and magazines promote Transylvania as one of the destinations that must be explored.

Transylvania is a geographical area situated in the center of Romania, surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. For many of us, Transylvania is a land of stories and legends, a place where time seems to stay still.

Transylvania convinced even Prince Charles of Great Britain who, quite often, comes here to enjoy the tranquility of these places. The multiculturalism of the area (due to the three ethnic groups which have lived together here during eight centuries) is reflected in the local gastronomy which lures you to a mosaic of flavours.


Marginimea Sibiului

Not far from Sibiu, at the bottom of the Cindrel and Lotru mountains, lies a picturesque area called Marginimea Sibiului made of 18 traditional Romanian villages.

These villages were built by the Romanians who were pushed out of the Saxon towns and fortresses. They were, mainly, shepherds and they used to spend most of their time up in the mountains. They were, also, very good craftsmen. Nowadays, the area of Marginime is also famous for its delicious cuisine. We suggest you a bike tour in the most beautiful villages of Marginime (Sibiel, Fantanele, Gura Raului, Rasinari, Orlat), the experience will be great!


The Hartibaciu Valley. Saxon villages.

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All the villages and little towns in the north of Sibiu county were built eight hundred years ago by the Saxon colonists. They still preserve today their old architectural style, even though, partly destroyed by time. We’ll explore a beautiful region with so many legends and we’ll meet some great local people.

We invite you to discover Transylvania with us and live your own adventure, a definitely unforgettable one!

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